Monday, 11 April 2011

A springtime christening in Yorkshire...

Yesterday, I went to a family christening in the most beautiful of churches, in the most beautiful of villages in one of the most beautiful counties in England. The weather was extraordinarily wonderful and the whole day was one of those that comes along so very rarely and can never really be engineered. Everything just came together and the result was one of the happiest, most relaxing and uplifting days I have had in a very long time.

The beautiful young lady who was christened was Neve, the daughter of Graham's niece and granddaughter of his sister. Graham's whole extended family were there and, although I'd met most of them individually before, I was still a little apprehensive about how they would feel about having me at a family event. I really shouldn't have worried at all as each and every one of them made me feel so very, very welcome and this just brought about a serene and calm feeling that has long been missing from my life.

So, by way of a few photos, I thought I'd introduce you all to the exquisite Neve, the quintessentially English village of Hooton Pagnell and to the Spencers...the family who have welcomed me into their midst and given me back something that I lost many years ago. I am beginning to love them all.

Neve with her uncles and godfathers..

What beautiful eyes..

Some photos of the church

Graham in a suit..he was soooo handsome :)

Walking through Hooton Pagnell to the pub for the reception

I LOVED the colours in this tree. I can feel a canvas print coming on :)

The pub. So beautiful.

A christening is VERY tiring work...

Graham's brother and sister in law...and his great-nephew.

Big brother, little brother...

....and middle brother...

Mum and Dad Spencer...he looks so much like my dad did :)

I was standing on a step...oh and look at ME all happy!

Such a beautifully relaxed day

 Oh look...a bubble. I adore this photo and the vapour trails make it even better.

His brither stole a chip from his mouth....and he only had one :(

My first ever chips and gravy..when in Yorkshire...

Graham and his sister, Diane...

Brither and sister in law..such lovely people

Neve and her grandma

Neve and her mummy :)

Me :)
 Us :)


  1. Beautiful, what a beautiful lady. Neve is pretty too! It was such a special day. You just 'blend in' to the family these days so wonderfully. Everyone loved seeing you yesterday which was obvious by the reception you got. I don't think I have ever seen you so content and happy. The blog is wonderful, I'll show it to members of the family as I see them.

  2. Yes, I even seem to look happy and serene with that gravy covered chip sticking out of my gob :) I'm pleased you liked what I wrote and it's be lovely if the family saw it, if you feel they'd like to.

  3. Spectacular shots!

    And congratulations all!


    PS: Chips and gravy is PERFECTLY normal, as are pasties and gravy. Of course, I mean a PROPER pastie, such as you get in da UP, eh?

  4. Beautiful photos, and chips and gravy.... that's how we eat them here!